A passive functional prosthesis is one that typically offers some basic function and closely resembles the natural body part it is replacing.  People who select a passive functional prosthesis are primarily looking for aesthetic rather than functional features. With today's technology, passive devices can appear remarkably lifelike, matching the skin tone and contours of your natural limb.

At Touch Bionics, we provide a world-leading range of highly realistic silicone prostheses called livingskin.  If the appearance of your prosthesis is very important to you, then livingskin from Touch Bionics may be an option for you.

Features at a glance

livingskin devices are hand-crafted from high definition silicone and hand-painted to match skin tone and appearance. At Touch Bionics, we take care to ensure that the detail of these prostheses is remarkable, introducing features such as freckles, hairs and tattoos.  We can create livingskin prostheses for parts of fingers, whole fingers, hands and entire arms. 

In addition to the realistic appearance of our livingskin products, it's important to remember that passive prostheses like these still have important functional capabilities. This includes actions such as pushing, pulling, stabilizing, supporting, light grasping and typing.

A livingskin prosthesis is designed to be unnoticed.

To learn more about our livingskin process, watch our livingskin process video.  

my livingskintm Color Capture System 

Our iPad-based color capture system enables you to accurately match skin tones and select features such as hair, nails, veins, or freckles. With an intuitive design, the easy on screen step-by-step instruction guides you through the entire process resulting in a high quality prosthesis or customized i-limb skin match covering. 

Click here to watch a video demo of my livingskintm Color Capture System.


User Testimonial

"I've noticed that my overall posture improves when I'm wearing my livingskin arm. When I was out in public, I tended to try and hide my hook to avoid unwanted attention, which resulted in poor posture. With livingskin, no one knows that this isn't my real arm, so I always stand up straight when I'm wearing it... it's a confidence thing."

Kim Doolan, livingskin wearer