Mike Benning

Prosthesis type: i-limb quantum
User since:
January 2013 (i-limb ultra)
bone cancer, amputated below the elbow of his left arm
Lives in:
Scituate, Massachusetts/USA
Marketing Manager

Mike Benning was only 14 when an aggressive type of bone cancer forced him to have his left arm amputated below the elbow. However, he is now thriving with his prosthetic technology and serves as a mentor to others seeking to adjust to life with limb loss through Hanger Clinic's AMPOWER program, where he is a certified peer visitor and regional coordinator. 

Mike was the first amputee in the U.S. to be fitted with a post-production model of the i-limb quantum, the newest and smartest bionic hand available in the world. The i-limb quantum is the only upper limb prosthesis that can change grip patterns with a simple gesture, allowing quicker and easier access to do things like drive a car, grip a coffee mug, and household chores such as folding laundry or preparing meals. 

The i-limb quantum is revolutionary and very liberating with the new gesture control feature.  I am still blown away by how far prostheses have come over the years and I think about what has gone into developing this product, and can only imagine what's next.

Mike Benning

Mike also wore two earlier generations of the i-limb product family as he was first fitted with the i-limb ultra in January 2013 then i-limb revolution in April 2014. He is also a father of two and enjoys golf and residing with his wife and children on the New England seacoast. To watch his story, click here.

"I look at all the things I've done since losing my arm and what great opportunities I've had. I also look at all the wonderful people I have met around the world because of my amputation. My world has grown bigger because of my amputation." 

Photo courtesy of Hanger Clinic