Melissa Masterton

Prosthesis type: i-limb quantum
User since: October 2013 (i-limb revolution)
Background: born without a left hand
Lives in: Edinburgh, UK
Occupation: Student

Melissa Masterton was born without a left hand and at a young age tried different active and passive prostheses, but found them to be cumbersome. She found she was much more comfortable and confident not using any of her prostheses and decided go on with daily life without one.

"I would always try my best to cover up my missing hand by wearing long sleeves or holding a jumper over my arm. I was not confident at all," said Melissa. "I recall one prosthesis I had was extremely uncomfortable on both my arms and very tiring to use. Others were doll-like and just didn't feel natural."

As Melissa entered her teenage years, she began to grow very self-conscious and the smaller her confidence became. She didn't feel comfortable out in public and was embarrassed if people looked at her or asked about her hand. She and her parents then began to do some research on other prosthetic options and found Touch Bionics. Melissa and her family immediately called Touch Bionics and were delighted when they were invited to discuss and try out some prosthetic options.

"Once we had a look around the website we discovered that one of the Touch Life Centers was only 10 minutes away from us. My parents and I were amazed at the i-limb revolution and at how much it could enhance my life. For me, the most important thing was the balance between the function of the hand and the cosmetics of the hand. I wanted it to look and act like a real hand as much as possible and was thrilled to see very realistic looking covers I could use."

In October 2013, Melissa was fitted with her i-limb revolution and feels it has improved her life immensely. Due to the naturalness of the i-limb, Melissa reports that people no longer stare or ask questions, "The biggest thing it has helped me with is my confidence. Before I had the i-limb, when people asked me about my missing limb, they asked me out of sympathy and confusion. Now when people ask me about my prosthetic limb they ask me out of amazement and curiosity and I always answer questions with excitement."

I absolutely love telling people about my i-limb, Melissa shared. I love showing people what I can do with it and telling them about how it has enhanced my life. I am not embarrassed anymore because I am very proud of my new i-limb.

Melissa Masterton

Melissa can now easily and comfortably carry a tray of glasses or plates of food. She can pick things up, put them down and move things naturally with ease. "My friends often tend to forget I have a prosthetic limb because I use it so naturally!"

Aside from her confidence and increased functionality, one of Melissa's favorite features of her i-limb is the natural cover and the way it looks.

For more on Melissa and her i-limb revolution, take a look at her feature with BBC News: