Gary McKeown

Prosthesis type: i-digits quantum
User since: August 2012 (i-limb digits)
Background: accident at work
Lives in: Widnes, England
Occupation: Disability Community Support


My prosthesis has had a massive impact on my confidence and I happily show the usefulness of my hand to friends and family. I consider my prosthesis as part of my body now. I will never get my hand back, but my prosthesis is a better replacement than I ever thought possible and has had a positive impact on my life.

 Gary McKeown

After an accident at work in 2009, Gary spent 2 years undergoing multiple surgeries in an attempt to restore function to his left hand. Despite these attempts Gary experienced no significant improvement and therefore elected to have an amputation of his remaining fingers.

Gary was first fitted with a prosthesis normally designed for individuals with a higher level of absence, which resulted in a prosthesis which was longer than his arm making it difficult to control and use in daily activities. Gary decided to explore newer partial hand technology options and presented as an ideal candidate for an i-limb digits myoelectric hand prosthesis. The prosthesis fits snugly around his hand and allows him to utilize a wide range of features, enabling the most appropriate grips for a variety of tasks. With the open palm feature Gary is able to maintain feeling and sensation while holding different objects in his hand. “It was great being able to feel a cold beer in my hand again.” 

In the fall 2015, Gary upgraded his partial hand prosthesis to i-digits quantum and was among the first in the world to be fitted. The product was unveiled at the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Assocation's National Assembly in San Antonio. The i-digits quantum introduced a new ground-breaking standard for myoelectric prosthetic partial hands. The bionic hand incorporates the company's patented i-mo technology and the first partial hand prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture. The hand it also faster, stronger, and smaller than any of its predecessors.