Product range

Our main products are the i-limb ultra revolution and i-limb ultra prosthetic hands, the i-limb digits prosthetic finger solution, and the livingskin range of passive prostheses.

i-limb ultra revolution

The i-limb ultra revolution is the most versatile and dexterous prosthetic hand available.

The five articulating digits of the i-limb ultra revolution coupled with a powered rotating thumb result in a prosthesis that offers features beyond the capabilities of any other prosthetic hand.

The i-limb ultra revolution also includes the only upper limb prosthesis biosim mobile control app available offering users superior control and ease of use.

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The i-limb ultra revolution is the most advanced, and easy to use prosthesis that I have ever worn. Powered thumb rotation, combined with the mobile app and quick access to all these new grips, gives me natural hand function that I never imagined would be possible.

Bertolt Meyer

i-limb ultra

The i-limb ultra is a powered prosthetic hand solution.

With its pulsing and vari-grip abilities, the i-limb ultra allow users to increase the strength of their grip on an object while they are holding it. These features are also available with the i-limb ultra revolution.

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It's the little things that are important, like being able to hold a glass while you pour into it, or being able to cut up the food on my plate, rather than having someone else do it for me.

Patrick Kane

i-limb digits

There are few options for people missing fingers and, until recently, a patient's only option was a passive prosthesis or no prosthesis.

Touch Bionics now offers i-limb digits - the customized electronic prosthesis for people with missing fingers or partial hands.

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Most importantly, I'm able to take care of my kids - play games with my kids, take them to school, make dinner.

Eric Jones


If the appearance of a prosthesis is very important to your patient, then livingskin from Touch Bionics may be an option for them.

Hand crafted from high definition silicone and hand painted to match skin tone and appearance, our livingskin prostheses are designed to be unnoticed.

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I always stand up straight when I'm wearing it... it's a confidence thing.

Kim Doolan