Motion Control ETD (US only)

Heavy Duty Activity Package

Add the Motion Control titanium ETD with water resistant housing and sleeve to any i-limb purchase
for heavy duty activities.

  • Wide opening and rugged durability, combined with classic hook-type fingers
  • High grip force of up to 25 lbs with proportional control allows users to effortlessly vary the grip force anywhere within the range
  • Brushless dc motor technology is substantially more durable and rugged than existing motors in use
  • Dependable in all conditions and environments due to the water resistant feature
  • Titanium Hook Fingers offer close to twice the strength of typical aluminum fingers and are resistant to bending and scratching
  • Interchangeable with i-limb hands utilizing quick wrist disconnect feature for heavy duty activities

Also available with flexion wrist

Features at a glance, with the addition of the flexion wrist.

  • Freedom and flexibility of natural wrist movement
  • Smooth & natural motion which provides control in completion of daily tasks
  • Enables shock and torque absorption
  • Lock and unlock function via simple magnetic lock
  • Available in black