Coverings are very important for upper limb prosthetics. Touch Bionics' i-limb products are the first prosthetic hands to better imitate the movement of a human hand.

i-limb skin active and i-limb skin active TS

Some people particularly love the robotic nature of the uncovered i-limb prosthesis, and prefer not to wear it with a lifelike glove. However, because of the need to provide a grip surface and to protect the hand from dust and water, the i-limb revolution still requires a covering of some nature.

In response to this user preference, Touch Bionics has developed i-limb skin active and i-limb skin active TS. These coverings are designed for simplicity and ease of use. They are made of a thin layer of semi-transparent, clear or black material that has been computer-modeled to accurately wrap to every contour of the hand.  The i-limb skin active TS includes a conductive tip on the index finger, making it compatible for use with touch screen devices.  Both coverings come with slip coating on the inside and back of the hand for easy donning and doffing.  


i-limb skin natural

i-limb skin natural provides a lifelike silicone covering for those who want a more natural appearance.  This off-the-shelf offering is available in 18 different skin shades for both male and female versions.


i-limb skin match

For people who desire a realistic covering, Touch Bionics offers i-limb skin match, a fully customized silicone covering that is hand painted to match the user's skin tone and features.

For patients who prefer something different, the custom design of i-limb skin match can also be extended to creative, artistic designs.