Coverings are very important for upper limb prosthetics. The Touch Bionics i-limb products are the first prosthetic hands to imitate the true movement and lifelike accuracy of a human hand, and the challenge has been to find materials that can move and flex in the same way that human skin does.

i-limb skin active

Some people particularly love the robotic nature of the uncovered i-limb prosthesis, and prefer not to wear it with a lifelike glove. However, because of the need to provide a grip surface and to protect the hand from dust and water, the i-limb ultra still requires a covering of some nature.

In response to this user preference, Touch Bionics has developed i-limb skin active. This is a thin layer of semi-transparent, flesh colored or black material that has been computer-modeled to accurately wrap to every contour of the hand. With slip coating on the inside and back of the hand for easy donning and doffing, i-limb skin active is designed for simplicity and ease of use.

i-limb skin natural

The majority of people with upper limb loss wish their device to blend anatomically with the rest of their body, and opt for a lifelike covering for their i-limb prosthesis. As the i-limb ultra is more anatomically correct than any currently on the market, which not only allows for increased functionality but also a vastly improved cosmetic appearance, a superior quality covering is needed to match the advanced hand design.

Touch Bionics offers an off-the-shelf silicone covering called i-limb skin natural, which is available in male and female versions with 10 different skin shades.

i-limb skin match

For people who desire the most realistic covering option possible, Touch Bionics can provide i-limb skin match, a fully customized silicone covering that is hand painted and exactly matches the user's skin tone and features.

For patients who prefer something different, the custom design of i-limb skin match can also be extended to creative, artistic designs.

These custom coverings are created by our livingskin team, who also create our range of passive silicone prostheses.