Key Features: i-limb revolution

Below is a complete feature listing for the i-limb revolution:


  • Powered rotating thumb
    • Automatically switches between lateral and oppositional grip patterns
    • Reliable and consistent access to precision grips
    • More natural transition and decreased time between grips
  • Five independently articulating digits with individual stall out ability
  • Compliant grip, vari-grip, auto-grasp, and proportional control
  • A variety of flexible wrist options enabling more natural movement

Control and Ease of Use

  • biosim and my i-limb  mobile control application - the only upper limb prosthesis control app available
    • quick grips™  provides user with instant access to 24 grip patterns
    • my grips™ allow users to customize up to 12 additional grip patterns for a total of 36 different grip/grasp patterns
  • grip chips™  communicate via bluetooth technology for immediate grip access to perform a variety of daily tasks
  • Patient-triggered control provided by either compact or remote electrodes
  • New remote electrodes are waterproof, lower profile, and gold-plated for higher sensitivity

Touch Care

  • Help desk telephone support
  • iPod for my i-limb mobile control app
  • i-limb skin active covering replacement program
  • Warranty with accidental damage
  • Courtesy hand if required during service or repair
  • Occupational therapy (OT) training support


  • widest variety of available options to meet user's needs
    • i-limb skin active and i-limb skin active TS coverings
    • i-limb skin natural coverings
    • i-limb skin match custom coverings