i-limb revolution

Based on the i-limb™ ultra, the i-limb™ revolution is an externally powered, multi-articulating prosthetic hand offering a range of features beyond the function of the traditional prosthetic hand. 

Features at a glance

  • Powered rotating thumb
  • grip chips™ communicate vie Bluetooth® technology for immediate grip access to perform a variety of daily tasks
  • Mobile control app with instant access to up to 36 different grips
  • NEW: Titanium strengthened digits increase the maximumcarry load by 50% - available in Small/Medium/Large

Control Methods

  • app control
  • muscle control
  • proximity control

To learn more about the control methods for i-limb revolution, visit our How the i-limb works page.

User Testimonials

"I have been so happy with my choice. When I first got my i-limb, I couldn’t believe how functional it was, especially in contrast to what I had been dealing with all those years.  The first night I got home with it I was going around my house looking for things I could pick up and stack. It was amazing how intuitive and responsive it is and how little effort it takes to control.  I didn’t even realize - in all my years growing up -  all of the things I wasn’t able to do, until I started finally being able to do them." Ryan Rosenow, i-limb revolution wearer

"The great thing about the i-limb revolution is that it really allows me to do things much faster and more naturally. I no longer have to use my other hand to adjust the thumb for different grip positions and the app means that I can access so many different options at any time because it's all on my phone. It's really going to help increase my independence, which is so important to me." Patrick Kane, i-limb revolution wearer

Compatible Devices

Touch Bionics' i-limbTM devices are approved for use with a variety of terminal devices such as wrists, elbows, or arm systems offered by other upper limb manufacturers. A complete list is noted below: 

  • ProWrist Electric Wrist Rotator (Motion Control, Inc.)
  • Motion Control U3+ and U3 Arm System
  • Motion Control Hybrid Arm System
  • Electric Wrist Rotator & MyoRotronic (Ottobock)
  • Boston Digital Arm System (Liberating Technologies, Inc.)
  • ErgoArm Hybrid Plus (Ottobock)
  • Dynamic Elbow (Ottobock)