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i-limb® quantum is the new standard for myo-electric prosthetic hands. The i-limb® quantum is the only upper limb prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture. Gesture control enables an automated grip to be accessed by moving the i-limb® quantum in one of four directions - it really is that simple.

Features at a glance

  • Five independently articulating digits with individual stall out ability
  • 4 methods of control for ultimate freedom – Gesture, App, Muscle, Proximity
  • Faster – With our Speed Boost Feature, digit speed can be increased by up to 30%
  • Stronger – 30% more power when required
  • Extended battery life – 50% longer battery charge
  • Electronically rotating thumb automatically switches between lateral and oppositional grip patterns
  • Select from up to 36 different grips available, both pre-programmed and customised
  • vari-grip mode allows variable digit-by-digit grip strength
  • auto-grasp feature to prevent objects from slipping
  • Industry unique Touch Care package offers unparalleled warranty support for up to 5 years.
  • biosim and my i-limb™ Software
  • NEW: Titanium strengthened digits increase the maximumcarry load by 50% - available in Small/Medium/Large


Control Methods

gesture control
enables an automated grip to be accessed by moving the  i-limb™ quantum in one of four directions.

app control
mobile app control is driven by our quick grips™ technology which provides instant access to 24 pre-programmed and 12 custom grip patterns, allowing huge versatility and flexibility in customising the hand for a variety of daily activities. quick grips™ are accessible with a number of mobile devices, including the Apple Watch.

muscle control
For the advanced user, triggers are specific muscle signals that are used to instruct an i-limb™ to activate a specific grip.

proximity control - grip chips™
are small Bluetooth® enabled devices that allow users to enter any available grips simply by moving their i-limb™ device close to an object where a grip chip is placed.

  • To see all 4 methods of control in daily use, watch this video.
  • To understand more about how users can accomplish the various methods of control, please check out our interactive online training portal.



Pre-Programmed Grips
There are 24 pre-programmed grips with the i-limb™ quantum.
For further info on each grip, check out the ‘Grips’ section on our interactive online training portal.

my grips™
With the i-limb™ quantum, my grips™ allows users to customise up to 12 new grips that are specific to their individual lifestyle.
For further info on programming my grips™ , check out the my grips™  section on our interactive online training portal.

QR Codes
We have enhanced the my i-limb™ and biosim mobile apps to include quick response (QR) codes. Designed to help maximise the use of the i-limb™ device, QR codes enable users to quickly download or share custom my grips among our ever growing online community of i-limb™ users.
Click here to access our QR code library


While the i-limb™ is extremely durable and crafted from the highest quality materials available, it is necessary to protect it from dirt, dust and moisture by wearing a specially made covering. At Touch Bionics, we understand that your i-limb™ hand is a very important aspect of your life and with this in mind, we have created coverings that are just as individual as our users are.

i-limb™ skin active
Many of our users love to show off the robotic look of their new prosthesis and choose to wear an i-limb™ skin active covering.  These coverings are designed for simplicity and ease of use. They are made of a thin layer of semi-transparent, clear or black material that has been computer-modelled to accurately wrap around every contour of the hand. 

i-limb™ skin active TS
Recently we introduced the i-limb™ skin active TS which is compatible with all touch screen devices by having a conductive tip on the index finger. Both i-limb™ skin active and active TS coverings come with a special slip coating on the inside and back for ease of taking them on and off the hand.

i-limb™ skin contours
These new coverings are made from a flexible silicone with added durability. Anatomically shaped to resemble a natural hand, they are available in colours Clear, Light & Tan.

i-limb™ skin natural
These lifelike silicone coverings are for those who want a more natural cosmetic appearance and are available in 18 different shades to reflect a broad variety of skin tones.

i-limb™ skin match
These hand-painted silicone coverings are designed to blend in seamlessly with a users lifestyle by being remarkably lifelike. Fully customised, exact colour and skin tone appearance are captured using our i-Pad based Colour Capture System which is then downloaded to our artists painting studio in Newburgh, New York.

User Testimonials 

"I've been very impressed with the battery life now available with the i-limb™ quantum. I travel often and recently forgot my charger but still got over 2 1/2 days our of the battery on my hand." - Mike Benning, i-limb™ quantum wearer

"One of the things I can do now with my i-limb™ quantum that I couldn't do well before is shake someone's hand. It sounds so simple but this something that's important to me in as it was awkward for me before and with the new gesture control feature I can effortlessly move to activate the handshake grip." - Lizbeth Uzcatequi, i-limb™ quantum wearer

"The i-limb™ quantum is the next best thing to real hands and as a bilateral amputee having the ability to do what I want to do independently is truly remarkable. After trying the hands for the first time, I immediately noticed how much faster the hands are and they are also even stronger than before." - Jason Koger, i-limb™ quantum wearer


Compatible Devices

Touch Bionics' i-limbTM devices are approved for use with a variety of terminal devices such as wrists, elbows, or arm systems offered by other upper limb manufacturers. A complete list is noted below:

  • ProWrist Electric Wrist Rotator (Motion Control, Inc.)
  • Motion Control U3+ and U3 Arm System
  • Motion Control Hybrid Arm System
  • Electric Wrist Rotator & MyoRotronic (Ottobock)
  • Boston Digital Arm System (Liberating Technologies, Inc.)
  • ErgoArm Hybrid Plus (Ottobock)
  • Dynamic Elbow (Ottobock)