Covering options

A protective covering is required to protect the i-limb digits device from dirt, water, and other contaminants. The cover also provides a frictional interface to assist with adequate grip, and improves the aesthetic appearance of the prosthesis.

Much like human skin, the cover provides protection and is the first defensive element against foreign substances such as dirt, bacteria, and harsh environmental conditions. Also like skin, grip cannot be accomplished without the friction of the skin tissue contacting objects.

i-limb skin active

An i-limb digits device is initially fit with a temporary silicone cover composed of a clear, soft, liner-like silicone called i-limb skin active. Because each device is custom-built to the user and varies in shape and size, i-limb digits is not usually fit long-term with this prefabricated cover, however, some patients do prefer to use this covering longer term.

i-limb skin match

The advised permanent covering for an i-limb digits device is a custom-made silicone protective cover called i-limb skin match. This covering is manufactured to exactly fit each device and can be custom color matched to your exact skin tone.

The production of this cover is initiated AFTER the i-limb digits solution has been definitively fit and delivered. This enables us to assure appropriate fit and function of the prosthesis before beginning the labor-intensive fabrication of the cover.

For patients who prefer something different, the custom design of i-limb skin match can also be extended to creative, artistic designs.