i-digits quantum

design. dexterity. intelligent motion

Introducing i-digits quantum

  • Smarter
    - gesture control powered by i-mo™ technology uses simple gestures to change grips
    - bluetooth enabled grip chips™ activate pre-set grips in proximity to i-digits

  • Faster
    - adjustable speed boost increases speed by up to 30%

  • Stronger 
    - up to 30% more power when needed
    - improved component design for easy and reliable fabrication
    - 50% more battery life

  • Smaller
    - new form-fitting anatomical design reduces profile in every dimension  
    - smaller digits now available


Control Methods

gesture control
enables an automated grip to be accessed by moving the i-digits™ quantum in one of four directions.

app control
mobile app control is driven by our quick grips™ technology which provides instant access to 20 pre-programmed and 12 custom grip patterns, allowing huge versatility and flexibility in customising the hand for a variety of daily activities. quick grips™ are accessible with a number of mobile devices.

muscle control
For the advanced user, triggers are specific muscle signals that are used to instruct the i-digits™ quantum to activate a specific grip.

proximity control - grip chips™
are small Bluetooth® enabled devices that allow users to enter any available grips simply by moving their i-digits™ quantum device close to an object where a grip chip is placed.

  • To understand more about how users can accomplish the various methods of control, please check out our interactive online training portal.


Suitable Candidates

i-digits quantum is appropriate for partial hand absence. Suitable candidates present with partial hand loss where the level of loss or deficiency is distal to the wrist and proximal to the metacarphophalangeal joint. Anywhere from one to five digits and any loss of the palm can be replaced

Reimbursement and Billing Assistance

Our experienced reimbursement staff can assist you with achieving insurance authorization for an i-digits quantum prosthesis.

i-digits quantum is the most advanced partial hand prosthesis available today for individuals with missing fingers. I particularly like the gesture control feature which enables me to quickly access many grips in performing everyday tasks. The new design is not only slimmer but also lighter allowing me to wear my prosthesis all day.

Moses Aramburo, i-digits quantum wearer