Key Features: biosim

The key features of biosim include:

  • Ability to adjust gain and threshold levels, including documented output of the assessment session
  • Enabling and disabling of grip patterns and other features, including pulsing and vari-grip modes
  • Training modes to help users achieve activation of features and improve myo-signal response
  • Real-time graphs and dials showing patients' myoelectric impulses
  • Statistical analysis and documentation of device usage patterns
  • Diagnostic tool to determine hand health
  • Custom gesture mode to allow creation of custom gestures
  • Offline patient data management
  • Selection of various control strategies, including both dual and single site options
  • Battery status and serial number recognition
  • Save and review current device settings for future reference
  • Automatically detects whether connecting to a prosthesis or virtu-limb unit and provides options accordingly
  • Quick Grips feature enables patient to quickly put hand in desired grip pattern

App requirements

  • iPod 5 or newer
  • iPhone 4s or newer
  • iPad 4th generation or newer
  • iPad mini

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