Touch Bionics strongly believe in a comprehensive approach to patient care, and we work closely with clinicians all over the world to determine whether an individual is a candidate for an advanced prosthesis such as our i-limb digits or i-limb ultra products, or if they are better suited to a passive prosthesis like livingskin. We will provide the information and support required to make the best decision for you.

We have helped thousands of individuals, whether they are new to prosthetics or existing prosthetic users, to make informed decisions about what options are available to them. The support and guidance of your healthcare team should help you to select the best devices for your specific needs.

We stand behind our products and work closely with your healthcare team, whom we provide with the highest quality training and support to ensure that you are experiencing the best care possible and that you are using a high quality prosthesis. We work with prosthetists to determine whether a patient is a viable candidate for our products, then continue to contribute to the ongoing therapy and care of our users. Supporting those who fit and those who are fitted with an advanced prostheses is an important ingredient for long-term success.

For users of our products, we've developed an extensive download section on this site that contains user manuals, guides, warranty information and more. If you have a question or concern that's not addressed there, please contact us.