Current prosthesis wearers

As a current prosthetic user, you may have experience with a variety of different prostheses, whether body powered, passive or myoelectric. In general, the prosthetic options available until recently were quite basic.

In more recent years, some revolutionary changes have happened in prosthetic technology. The options now available to you have expanded considerably and include passive prostheses that are closely matched to the look of your natural limb and active prostheses that provide greater levels of function beyond anything you may have experienced in your lifetime.

Having faced life as a prosthetic user, you may have found ways to achieve your goals by seeking out the prosthetic options that best support you. Perhaps you use specialized prostheses so you can take part in your favorite sport, or you closely track industry developments so that you always have the very latest in prosthetic device technology.

What Touch Bionics offers

We strongly believe in a comprehensive approach to patient care, and we work closely with clinicians all over the world to determine whether an individual is a viable candidate for an advanced prosthesis such as our i-limb ultra revolution, i-limb ultra, or i-limb digits products, or if they are better suited to a passive prosthesis like livingskin. We will provide the information and support required to make the best decision for you.