Innovation at Touch Bionics

Innovation runs deep within us.  We are committed to helping ensure that our customers and their clients have the best possible experience with our products by supporting them with training and a full range of clinical services.  Hence why we are exceptionally proud to be included in the latest GREAT Britain campaign featuring Rebekah Marine and our i-limb® quantum hand.  It makes us think back to 2007 when this all began…

Back in March 2007, at that year’s AAOP conference in San Francisco, CA, we introduced the world to the first bionic hand which had multi-articulating digits and gave the user the ability to move the thumb to the lateral position.  We have not stopped since then…

The i-limb® quantum is our latest generation i-limb® hand which can be operated 4 different ways.  The most innovative of the 4 is our patented and groundbreaking gesture control, powered by i-mo™ technology which allows the wearer to change grips with a simple gesture.  Gesture control enables an automated grip to be accessed simply by moving the i-limb® quantum in one of four directions.

Our partial hand solution, now known as i-digits™ was also introduced back in 2007.  The i-digits™ quantum operates similarly to the i-limb® quantum and is meant for those users who are missing 1-5 fingers or any part of the palm.

We have had the privilege of giving you 10 years of innovation and don’t plan on stopping here any time soon.  

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