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World-first 'bionic hand' and 'partial hand' demonstrated at AAOP

San Francisco, USA: Touch Bionics, the Edinburgh-based bionic technology company that specialises in Upper Limb Prosthetics (ULP), today disclosed further information about its much anticipated i-LIMB System and demonstrated both replacement hand and replacement finger bionic technology.

Touch Bionics' much anticipated i-LIMB Hand promises to exceed expectations as the company has been quietly developing its controls strategy, new cosmesis solutions and product manufacturing based on new, super strength materials.

The i-LIMB Hand is a true next generation bionic product - it has 5 individually powered digits which provide the end-user with completely new grip options that enhance dexterity and activities of daily living.

"The i-LIMB Hand is the result of many years of development by Touch Bionics - the company's technology was in fact the UK National Health Service's first commercial spin out." said Stuart Mead, the CEO of Touch Bionics. "We are very excited to have the product out of the laboratory and ready to fit to early patients in Europe and the US." added Mead.

The full commercial release of Touch Bionics' product in Europe and the US is scheduled for mid 2007, after the company has finalised its current marketing preference study with clinics in the US and the UK.

"We plan to stay out of the wider public domain for a little while longer as we identify and engage with the right commercial partners to support our US market entry and growth - this is one of our main reasons for being at AAOP ndash; our early focus is on the US commercial market as it offers a more consistent reimbursement structure - patient numbers are also easier to identify fund than in Europe." commented Touch Bionics' Phil Newman, who is responsible for sales and marketing.

On Touch Bionics' table at AAOP (Table No. 55) the company will be demonstrating the i-LIMB Hand's enhanced functionality and its new ProDigits development for partial hand patients.

Touch Bionics is also hiring in the US - further details are available at the show.

Further information and enquiries:

Phil Newman, Touch Bionics +44 870 225 1930 [email protected]