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TV depiction of i-LIMB Hand contained ‘a bit of Hollywood magic’

Hilliard, OH and Livingston, Scotland: A depiction of the i-LIMB Hand on a recent episode of the ABC television program "Private Practice" saw the application of "a bit of Hollywood magic" to alter the existing technology capabilities of the hand, Touch Bionics, the company that developed and markets the i-LIMB Hand worldwide, said today.

"While we are pleased to see our technology depicted in mainstream media in a way that engages viewers we also want to ensure that potential users and their clinical advisors are accurately aware of the functionality that users can achieve with our devices," the company said. "A little bit of Hollywood magic was used in this show to alter how the i-LIMB Hand functions."

In particular, Touch Bionics drew attention to one plot element that saw the i-LIMB Hand user on the show experience severe pain because of the way in which a bone implant had been used to attach his arm prosthesis. In fact, while bone implants are an exciting and promising development for amputees in terms of comfort and fit, Touch Bionics does not offer this technology or surgical practice itself.

Similarly, neural integration of prosthetic devices, which was also depicted on the show, is still an emerging field. While Touch Bionics is working with several institutions in the development of enhanced control strategies - integration directly into the nervous system is still in its infancy.

Touch Bionics recommends that all upper-limb amputees and their clinical advisors who may be considering an i-LIMB Hand engage with an Accredited i-LIMB Hand Practitioner to investigate the most up-to-date levels of functionality the device delivers and to determine whether the product is right for them. A complete list of accredited practitioners is available at

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Touch Bionics is a leading developer of advanced upper-limb prosthetics. In late 2009, Touch Bionics brought to market ProDigits, the world's first bionic fingers for partial hand amputees. This revolutionary product followed the 2007 launch of the i-LIMB Hand, a first-to-market prosthetic device with five individually powered digits. The acquisition of LIVINGSKIN the following year enabled the company to apply its commercial and technical expertise into new cosmesis solutions for multi-articulating hands and digits. Touch Bionics continues to develop leading-edge technologies for the treatment of patients with upper-limb deficiencies. For more information, visit

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