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TouchBionics Press Release Launch of Articulating Hand

Seen by many for the first time, TouchBionics demonstrated the world's first articulating hand prosthesis at the prestigious Myoelectric Controls Conference in New Brunswick, Canada. This award winning British company also announced its rebranding to TouchBionics from TouchEMAS in preparation for the global launch of its hand, the first of an innovative series of artificial arm components within the i-LIMB™ System.

TouchEMAS was established to develop ideas which emerged from over 20 years of research and development in artificial limbs within the National Health Service in Edinburgh, Scotland. This work gained international recognition from 1993 when an innovative partial hand prosthesis was developed and then followed by the world's first fitting of an artificial powered shoulder to Scottish Hotelier Campbell Aird in 1998. In 2000 a clinical trial of a children's partial hand system (ProDigits™) in Nottingham also received international recognition.

TouchEMAS was launched in June 2003 as the first spin out company from the NHS via Scottish Healthcare Innovations (SHIL) in a major funding deal secured in July 2004 from the Edinburgh Business Angel Group, Archangels.

Speaking of the launch of the articulating hand prosthesis company founder and Director of Technology, David Gow said: "This is an inspirational and momentous occasion - we consider the i-LIMB Hand to be a truly revolutionary innovation that will bring great benefit to all amputees. The hard work and dedication of many people has now been realised by this first product launch of an exciting and world leading idea developed in Edinburgh." Stuart Mead, CEO of TouchBionics added; "After years of R&D we are very pleased to deliver this breakthrough in modernising artificial arms. TouchBionics is set to bring a range of further innovative benefits to artificial arm users all over the world."

The i-LIMB System comprises a powered shoulder, elbow, wrist and the newly launched hand. The i-LIMB Hand is unique and a world first in that it is human-like with articulating or bending fingers and possesses a range of grips similar to those used in daily activities. The hand is based on the patented idea of powered prosthetic digits (ProDigits™).

Recently a powered Edinburgh shoulder has been incorporated into a unique collaboration with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the leading Rehabilitation Hospital in the USA. Jesse Sullivan, a bilateral amputee, has been fitted with an experimental artificial arm made up of powered joints from around the world.