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Touch Bionics supports Limb Loss Awareness Month

Hilliard, OH: Touch Bionics, a proud sponsor of the Amputee Coalition, is pleased to announce April 2011 as the first National Limb Loss Awareness Month.

The Amputee Coalition's goal is to raise awareness about living with limb loss and to reduce preventable limb loss through education, resources and support. Limb Loss Awareness Month will also provide local community volunteers a month to celebrate the advances in limb loss care and the success stories of those affected in their communities. Everyone can get involved by volunteering their time.

"With an average of 507 amputations every day in the United States, limb loss affects so many people across the country," said Stuart Mead, Touch Bionics' CEO. "The creation of a nation-wide awareness month that brings the key issues around limb loss to the fore is a very positive move, and we are fully supportive of the Amputee Coalition's excellent initiative."

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