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Touch Bionics opens new facility in Newburgh, New York

Touch Bionics today opened a new production facility in Newburgh, New York. The new offices are now the primary location for the production of livingskin, the company's range of highly realistic silicone prostheses.

The 4,000 sq. ft. open plan facility is located at 610 Broadway in Newburgh, creating an environment that enhances manufacturing flow and provides increased production flexibility. The new centre will support and expand on Touch Bionics' existing livingskin operations at 606 Broadway, more than doubling the size of the company's overall workspace in Newburgh.

"As global demand for our livingskin prostheses has been increasing, we needed to ensure that our production capacity is able to scale to meet that demand," saidIan Stevens, CEO of Touch Bionics. "This new facility will increase our production capacity significantly, while also ensuring that we retain our existing team of livingskin experts in Newburgh."

Hand crafted from high definition silicone and hand painted to match skin tone and appearance, Touch Bionics' livingskin experts take care to ensure that the detail of these prostheses is remarkable, and include fine details such as freckles, hairs and tattoos.

In addition to the realistic appearance of the livingskin product line, these passive prostheses can also allow important functional capabilities, such as pushing, pulling, stabilizing, supporting, light grasping and typing.