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Touch Bionics launches electrode for upper limb myoelectric prostheses

Livingston, UK & Hilliard, Ohio - 8 March, 2010 - Touch Bionics, developer of advanced upper limb prosthetic technologies, today announced the availability of the Touch Bionics Electrode, created exclusively for the control of upper limb prosthetic devices.

The product is compatible with all myoelectric devices from Touch Bionics, including the i-LIMB Hand, i-LIMB Pulse and ProDigits, and most upper limb myoelectric prostheses from other manufacturers.

The Touch Bionics Electrode ships with components to enable the manufacture of both laminated and thermoplastic inner sockets. This provides O&P facilities with a simple electrode option for upper limb sockets, regardless of the type of socket being built.

The Touch Bionics Electrode is the culmination of several years' research and development, and is CE approved, having been extensively tested both in the lab and in the field.

The product is competitively priced and is also available as part of Touch Bionics' Socket Components Kit, which provides all the necessary components to build a complete socket for a Touch Bionics myoelectric device.

"We are making things simpler for prosthetists by breaking with the traditional approach of selling lamination and thermoplastic kits separately, and shipping our product with everything they need to build both kinds of socket," said Hugh Gill, director of technology, Touch Bionics.

Visit the Touch Bionics web site for datasheets on both the Touch Bionics Electrode and Socket Components Kit.

The Touch Bionics Electrode is available now, contact Touch Bionics today to find out more.

About Touch Bionics

Touch Bionics is a developer of advanced upper limb prosthetics designed to bring a greater return to form and function for amputees and people with congenitally missing limbs. Touch Bionics created the i-LIMB Hand, the world's first powered prosthetic hand with five articulating fingers, and was the first company to offer a powered prosthetic solution for patients with missing fingers, ProDigits. In addition to its powered prosthetic hand and partial-hand products, Touch Bionics offers a range of custom aesthetic restoration solutions through its LIVINGSKIN business, which are passive prosthetic devices designed to match exactly to a person's natural skin tone. For more information, visit