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Touch Bionics announces U.S. availability of the i-LIMB Pulse

Hilliard, OH: Touch Bionics, provider of advanced upper-limb prosthetic technology, today announced that its latest myoelectric prosthetic hand, the i-LIMB Pulse is now shipping to customers in North America, following an initial controlled release to market.

Part of the i-LIMB family, which has been fitted to over 1,200 users worldwide, the i-LIMB Pulse is built on the product line's key innovation of multi-articulating digits to provide users with a stronger and compliant grip.

Available in two sizes that cater to almost every male and female requirement, the i-LIMB Pulse comes loaded with a host of upgrades and new features, resulting in significant benefits, including:

  • Increased grip strength via a unique pulsing motor feature
  • Increased speed through an upgraded battery assembly
  • Greater control for both clinicians and users through the new BioSim software
  • Improved aesthetic appearance with a slim, more anatomically accurate design
  • Greater durability as a result of its new aluminum chassis
  • Increased functionality provided by a range of automatic grips and gestures
  • Early users of the i-LIMB Pulse have been impressed by the improvements made to the product.

"The i-LIMB Pulse is a clear improvement over the original i-LIMB Hand - it is more responsive, faster and even easier to control," said Richard Hughes, former Chief of Prosthetics at the VA, and i-LIMB Pulse user.

"Opening bags, such as chips, holding a heavy shopping bag, holding a fork - these are just some things that work much better with the i-LIMB Pulse," said Bertolt Meyer, University Researcher.

And clinicians have also been quick to note the impact of some of the key advances made in the i-LIMB Pulse.

"The programmable features are a great innovation, and overall the device is a real step up in terms of product design and functionality," said John Jacobs, CPO, Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics.

"The automatic grip patterns and features are a nice addition to the i-LIMB Pulse, and they work well," said Hugh Snow, CPO, Advanced Prosthetics and Orthotics.

The i-LIMB Pulse is shipping today and online training for the BioSim software begins on September 9th at 11:00am EST. Ongoing online training dates are on the first Thursday of each month at 11:00am EST and the third Thursday of each month at 3:00pm EST.

Interested parties can sign up for online training at:

BioSim Professional, an advanced version of BioSim with additional clinical features, will be made available in October 2010, and will require clinician's to participate in hands-on training and pass an online exam. Further details on BioSim Professional will be released later this month.

Covering options for the i-LIMB Pulse include the new Dynamic Flex covering, which is a lower cost, off-the-shelf silicone glove, available in 10 different skin shades and reinforced with a new lining for increased durability. Other covering options include Touch Bionics' robotic-style i-LIMB Skin coverings, and its custom-made LIVINGSKIN coverings, which are hand painted to match a users skin tone and features.

"We are excited to announce the general availability of the i-LIMB Pulse to the North American market. The early feedback on the product from users and clinicians alike who have been tested in the field gives us a great deal of confidence. The i-LIMB Pulse is the next step forward for upper limb amputees." said Mark Ford, Touch Bionics' Vice President of North American Operations. "Touch Bionics has always been an innovator, and with exciting new additions to the i-LIMB Pulse like BioSim and the pulsing grip strength, I'm glad to say that nothing has changed!"


About Touch Bionics

Touch Bionics is a developer of advanced upper limb prosthetics designed to bring a greater return to form and function for amputees and people with congenitally missing limbs. Touch Bionics created the i-LIMB Hand, the world's first powered prosthetic hand with five articulating fingers, and was the first company to offer a powered prosthetic solution for patients with missing fingers, ProDigits.

In addition to its powered prosthetic hand and partial-hand products, Touch Bionics offers a range of custom aesthetic restoration solutions through its LIVINGSKIN business, which are passive prosthetic devices designed to match exactly to a person's natural skin tone. For more information, visit

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