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Touch Bionics – Celebrating hand number 1000 and new products at the 2009 AOPA National Assembly

SEATTLE, Washington: Touch Bionics™, developer of the world's first multi-articulating bionic hand, is participating at the AOPA 2009 National Assembly where the Company will be unveiling the newest innovations that Touch Bionics has added to its growing list of products.

It has been a busy year for the Touch Bionics engineering group with twenty-plus new socket components completely developed and produced by the Company. These components include a Wrist Laminating Ring, a 6-Way Coaxial Plug and a Switch Block Power Cable among many more. These components are compatible with all mainstream electrodes and offer prosthetists and technicians a one-stop choice when building sockets for Touch Bionics terminal devices.

Another key product announcement from the Company is the Low Profile Hand which has been developed to accommodate the smaller patient. In particular female patients have been keen to access the multi-function i-LIMB Hand within a smaller size profile. Coverings in both human-form high definition gloves and high-tech i-LIMB Skins are available for both male and female users.

"The development of the socket components and the Low Profile Hand have always been part of the long term goals for the Touch Bionics design and manufacturing teams." said Director of Technology and Operations, Hugh Gill "We are extremely pleased to have achieved these milestones and to be serving a larger patient population while providing healthcare professionals with more choice." he continued.

Touch Bionics today also announced the presentation of the 1000th i-LIMB Hand to be manufactured. The Company commenced shipping its high-end device two years ago and to have 1000 patients fit with the i-LIMB Hand is a significant achievement. The acceptance of such a high technology product by the prosthetics market at such a rapid pace is evidence of the market's desire for upper extremity solutions that offer patients higher levels of functionality.

"From the beginning, Touch Bionics set its sights high and the 1000th hand has always been a target for us". commented Director of Marketing, Phil Newman "It is with great pleasure that we announce our 1000th hand and we would like to thank our customers who have have supported us this far as, well as to our growing team which continually drives Touch Bionics' innovation forward."

The i-LIMB Hand is a first-to-market prosthetic device with five individually powered digits. With over 20 years of research and development behind it, the i-LIMB Hand looks and acts like a real human hand and represents a generational advance in bionics and patient care.

Since the launch of its first product Touch Bionics is rapidly expanding across the globe - with commercial fittings in over 40 countries.

About Touch Bionics

Touch Bionics is a leading developer of advanced upper-limb prosthetics. In September 2007, Touch Bionics brought to market the i-LIMB Hand, a first-to-market prosthetic device with five individually powered digits. The company continues to develop leading-edge technologies for the treatment of patients with upper-limb deficiencies. For more information, visit

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