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Bionic Boy to Carry Olympic Torch in Trafalgar Square

Young i-limb ultra wearer to carry Olympic Flame in London on July 26th, 2012. Watch live online: or

Patrick Kane didn't have an easy start in life - aged just nine months he contracted meningococcal septicaemia, the virulent form of meningitis. This horrific illness resulted in a three month spell in the intensive care unit at St. Mary's Hospital in London, as doctors battled to save his life. While the doctors were ultimately successful in saving Patrick's life, they were unable to do so without tragic consequences: the amputation of his right leg below the knee, all of the fingers from his left hand, and part of each finger on his right hand.

The young student is now a wearer of the i-limb ultra bionic hand, a symbol of innovation in the Government's GREAT Britain campaign, and a prosthetic leg. Patrick has never allowed his amputations to hold him back and today has his sights firmly set on a career in the sciences.

Tomorrow, he is a proud Olympic Torchbearer.

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